TV Wall Mount Installation in Corona, CA

Are you ready to finally get your flat screen TV mounted on the wall? Over the fireplace? It’s your choice. We can install your TV wherever you want it. It’s no wonder why everybody wants their flat panel TV mounted on the wall. It saves space and it looks great!

Your Flat Screen TV Wherever You Want it!

We can install your TV practically anywhere you want it. Don’t have an outlet where you want the TV to go? No problem! We can install an outlet, hide all the cables in the wall, and give you that clean flat screen wall mounted look that everyone desires.

Any Size TV Mounted Professionally

Don’t worry, your TV isn’t too big or too small to mount. We have heavy duty mounting brackets that can accommodate any size TV. We’ve done this quite a few times now so we have plenty of experience hanging all different brands and sizes of flat screen TV’s in Corona and beyond.

Starting at Just $99!

Pricing varies based on many factors but we can mount your flat screen TV on the wall for as little as $99!

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