Corona Ceiling Fan Installation

Beat the heat and the high electric bills by getting ceiling fans installed in your home. Ceiling fans cost much less than running the AC and can cool down a room by as much as 10 degrees or more.

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Why install ceiling fans?

Ceiling fans use much less electricity than an air conditioner and can save a bundle on your electric bill. If you’re looking to efficiently cool down and circulate air in particular rooms, a ceiling fan is definitely the way to go.

No electricity, no problem!

Your room may not be pre-wired for a ceiling fan. Don’ worry, that’s not a problem at all. We can run the wiring and switch for your new ceiling fan before we install it.

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TCF Home Solutions can install your new ceiling fan!

Whether there is existing electricity or not, we can install a ceiling fan in virtually any room of your home. Feel free to purchase any ceiling fan at Home Depot, Lowes, or any supplier and we’ll gladly install it as early as the following day.

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