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TCF work vanEst. in 2004 as “Travis Farnes Handyman” later incorporated as TCF Home Solutions

I wanted to build a company people could learn to recognize and remember. I started from nothing but pure customer service and have been striving to maintain that ever since. Just because the business incorporated and has a company van with a logo does not mean that the company has lost its original dedication to extremely high quality work and complete customer satisfaction. I have always had the idea that this business could not go wrong if I always treated my customers as friends. No one likes losing friends so it definitely takes some work to make sure that every customer is completely satisfied after the job is finished. It never just stops there. This company thrives on repeat business from regular customers and also word of mouth.

Word of mouth alone has been the marketing plan of TCF Home Solutions from the very beginning. In order to keep this going strong, you definitely have to do everything you can to solve the customer’s problems and make sure they are happy while doing it. I believe it is important to layout all the options for customers for a specific job. I let them know the different ways I can complete a project whether they are very price sensitive or not. This works out for customers well because the more price sensitive customers will tend to take the least expensive route, while the customers that prefer higher quality work (without so much emphasis on price) will take the route that best reflects their needs. This keeps everyone happy and it really adds a lot of flexibility to this kind of work.

TCF Home Solutions
12672 Limonite Ave. Ste. 3E #208
Corona, CA 92880

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